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Comprehensive English Program

Comprehensive English Program

Comprehensive English Program

The Comprehensive English Program (CEP) is a full-time, English language and American culture program offered to non-native English-speaking students from very beginning (Levels Intro, 1, & 2) to very advanced (Levels 7, 8, & 9) levels of proficiency. CEP classes meet Monday through Thursday for about five hours of class each day.

At the beginning levels (Intro–2), all classes are taught as integrated language skills classes designed to provide a comprehensive English learning experience.

At the intermediate levels (3–6), instruction consists of two morning comprehensive core classes and two afternoon English enrichment and engagement classes. Both core courses integrate all English skills. At these levels, students select two types of afternoon enrichment and engagement classes. One offers focused practice on a specific language or academic skill, such as pronunciation, vocabulary development, and TOEFL prep. The other invites students to explore a topic of interest and to develop their linguistic and cultural fluency and confidence through engaging in the real use of English. Topics include American film, history of New York City, art appreciation, and business English.

At advanced levels (7-9), students complete their schedules with ALI electives, ALI advanced evening courses for specific purposes, or NYU School of Professional Studies career advancement courses. This flexibility allows advanced students to fine-tune their course selection to best suit their interests and needs.

Semester Spring 2017 Summer I 2017 Summer II 2017
Course Dates January 30–May 5 May 22–June 29 July 5–August 10
Course Fees, Comprehensive English Program
$5,710 $2,750 $2,750
Health Insurance* $1,389 (for 12 weeks) $1,389 (for 12 weeks)
$1,389 (for 12 weeks)
University Fees* $400 $400 $400
On Campus Housing and Dining Rates to be announced** $3,360 (for 6 weeks)
$3,360 (for 6 weeks)

* These amounts are estimates and are subject to change. Required of all students on an F-1 visa; insurance can be waived upon review by NYU Student Health Insurance Services.

** Only F-1 students are eligible for NYU Housing for fall and spring.

Note: All program fees and University room and board charges must be paid at the time of registration. The above figures do not include transportation, laundry, necessary personal expenses, or entertainment. Total living and maintenance expenses are estimated at $1,800 per month for students, whether living in a University dormitory or in private accommodations. All dates and expenses are subject to change.