Mastering Corporate Communications Program
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Mastering Corporate Communications Program

Mastering Corporate Communications Program

Mastering Corporate Communications Program

Take your international employees' English language skills to the next level with the ALI Mastering Corporate Communications Program. This convenient, onsite English language training program offers your employees the best way to take advantage of professional development opportunities. By the end of our training program, your international employees will have more confidence and fluency to handle business communication with colleagues and external contacts.

The ALI Advantage

  • Experienced faculty with an in-depth understanding of today's business culture and the skills needed to succeed in a global business environment
  • Customized programs that provide individual or group training based upon your employees' needs
  • Flexible scheduling allows for on-site training tailored to your employees' schedules  
  • English language assessment—online or onsite

Sample Mastering Corporate Communications Courses

Speaking Clearly: Pronunciation

Writing Effectively for Business

Mastering Presentations

Persuading, Negotiating, Clarifying