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Language Testing

The NYU School of Professional Studies American Language Institute (ALI) offers courses to help nonnative, English speaking students to improve their language and writing skills. If English is not your first language, you are strongly encouraged to visit ALI to have your English language proficiency evaluated. The evaluation includes grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and composition. At a student’s written request, an English Language Report (ALI's official statement of an individual's English proficiency) will be sent to a school, an organization, or a sponsoring agency.

Who Would Need an English Language Proficiency Evaluation?

Students intending to enroll in an ALI English language program or course
will need an evaluation to assure accurate placement.

Students planning to enter a program of study at NYU

who wish to have their proficiency level evaluated to assure that their skills correspond to their intended program of study.

Students accepted by other universities

may be required or may wish to have their English language proficiency evaluated prior to beginning their program of study.

Sponsored students

whose sponsoring agency or organization requires proficiency documentation.

Scheduling an Evaluation

To acquire the testing schedule, or for more information, call 212-998-7040. Once tested, students register for ALI courses at the ALI offices.