M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications
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M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications

M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications

M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications

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From the Director

Vish Ganpati

"We look forward to helping you to achieve your professional goals and objectives."
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The M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications, offered by the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA), provides students with design-centric production skills that encompass high-end 2D and 3D techniques across digital platforms for a variety of applications and industries. With the explosion of emerging technology and data-driven design, there is an increasing demand for artists who possess technical production skills. Education for such individuals requires an extensive digital toolset that includes animated 2D graphics, 3D modeling and animation, visual effects integration with live-action footage, and hands-on experience with coding and mobile technologies. By completing this advanced professional graduate degree, students will enter the infographic market with the skills to visualize data and simulations using design, graphics software, and game-engine technology.

The degree prepares students to create the visual communication vehicles that translate ideas, products, and data across industries in the form of moving imagery, physical models (rapid prototyping), digital print, and interactive media, which includes Web and mobile platforms. While exposing students to real-world, industry-lead project collaborations, the curriculum, which emulates many features of a professional apprenticeship, answers the call for digital visualization of data content in new and traditional markets.

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Students with the desire to push the boundaries of traditional media emerge from this graduate program as technological innovators who are able to develop visualizations for branding campaigns, architectural spaces, museum exhibitions, interactive publishing, educational games, kiosks, simulated immersion experiences, jewelry/toy/product design, and interactive information displays and apps. The program is especially unique in that it provides an organic environment that encourages and explores the synergy of art and technology within a production-based curriculum, taught by industry leaders.

Through a cinematic approach, the use of motion graphics, video, and 3D are integrated to translate the world of information for a variety of audiences. Students develop a professional portfolio throughout their intensive training, allowing them to pursue a range of career opportunities within the realm of digital media.

Program Location: NYU Midtown Center

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