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Noncredit Offerings

Continuing education programs offered through The Center for Advanced Digital Arts (CADA) provide the opportunity to increase your professional marketability and to enrich yourself personally. Our comprehensive selection of noncredit courses and certificates afford you the training necessary to advance in your current career, to change professional paths, to expand your skills, and to keep abreast of the latest trends in digital media and computer graphics.

Noncredit course offerings provide beginners and professionals alike with the means to transform their creative talents into sought-after skills in the digital arts. Diverse curricula allow you to explore new trends, master new skills, and unlock new opportunities. Online and intensive options ensure that busy professionals have the opportunity to take advantage of all that CADA has to offer, while meeting
other career and life demands.

A Selection of Courses From This Department

Certificate programs offered through The Center for Advanced Digital Arts immerse you in the subject matter, providing an in-depth experience and the opportunity to learn from and network with industry professionals. A certificate provides you with the tools necessary to succeed and affords a powerful credential on your résumé—one that can open industry doors. From Cinema 4D to Audio Recording, there is something for every professional area of interest.