International Relations/Global Futures Concentration

The pace of change in international relations (IR) is accelerating rapidly and strategic surprise is now the norm. Nearly every day we wake up to something new and unanticipated. The International Relations/Global Futures concentration is designed to give students an advanced understanding of the factors shaping IR, and to place these factors in a futures context. What alternate future scenarios can we imagine? What are the forces for change in IR? How are these forces shaping the policies and capabilities of states and nonstate actors? What are the emerging issues that the world will have to face, and how might they be addressed? Courses within this concentration help students to improve their ability to anticipate change, and equip them with the analytical tools that are essential for professional success in a transforming environment.


Michael F. Oppenheimer

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Concentration Alumni

Mario Villamor

Senior development analyst at Devex.

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