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Peacebuilding Concentration

The Peacebuilding concentration examines the methodologies and the applied strategies used to establish long-term, sustainable peace and security on a global scale. Peacebuilding emphasizes attaining stability and institutional reform on a structural level through the mediation of government institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and the United Nations.

This concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to assess and mitigate conflicts and advance peace from positions within government, NGOs, think tanks, and nonprofits.


Thomas Hill

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Concentration Alumni

Anupah Makoond

Frameworks for Assessing Resilience Programme Officer at Interpeace.
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Concentration Alumni

Talia Hagerty

Research fellow at the Institute for Economics and Peace in Sydney, Australia.
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Opportunities and Outcomes

Discover the advantages of pursuing the MS in Global Affairs at CGA.
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