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Special Events & Series

The following Special Events are scheduled for Spring 2016.

Special Events

70 Years Later: The Lessons of Nuremberg
Wednesday, February 17, 6:30–8:30 p.m.

International prosecutors at the first Nuremberg trial (1945–1946) built their case against the top Nazi leaders using the Nazis' own films and records. The images they showed in the courtroom are still shocking today. The trial established the "Nuremberg Principles"β€”the foundation for all subsequent trials for crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today was commissioned by the US Department of War in 1946, but was not released in the US until 2010 after being restored by Sandra Schulberg (the filmmaker's daughter) and Josh Waletzky. View this historic documentary about the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, and join CGA for a conversation about what Nuremberg can teach us today. Discussants to include: Jennifer Trahan, CGA clinical associate professor; Belinda Cooper, CGA adjunct assistant professor; and Sandra Schulberg, filmmaker and adjunct assistant professor, Graduate Film Division, Columbia University.

Statelessness: The Economic and Social Impacts of the Refugee Crisis for the Next Generation
Thursday, April 7, 6:30–7:45 p.m.

Cosponsored by the NYU School of Law Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ)

According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are over 10 million people worldwide who do not have any nationality. These "stateless" people are denied equal access to education, healthcare, and other social services, as well as opportunities to seek formal employment. In 27 countries, women do not have the same rights to pass citizenship to their children as men; due to wars such as the Syrian conflict and the resulting refugee crisis, more children than ever before are being born without citizenship, creating a new stateless population. What might be the potential impacts of allowing a new generation to grow up stateless? How can host nations and the international human rights and humanitarian communities address this issue and ensure social and economic rights for these vulnerable populations?

Pre-registration is required for events and seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here for a complete list of CGA events.