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ISET Director Mark Galeotti and Estonian President Ilves

Estonian President Ilves Speaks at ISET Launch Event

On September 28, 2015, Toomas Henrik Ilves, president of the Republic of Estonia, joined Mark Galeotti, director of the Initiative for the Study of Emerging Threats (ISET), in a conversation to launch ISET under the rubric "Modern World—Modern Threats? Responses to Hybrid Aggression." In a time when creating and maintaining a competitive, prosperous, and secure Europe and transatlantic space faces challenges not only in the military field, but also on a number of other fronts—from ISIS to the Mediterranean refugee crisis, from cybercrime to Russian resurgence—President Ilves raised crucial questions for the transatlantic community. What are the new challenges that Europe and the world are facing? How can Europe best tackle these threats? What is the best way to respond to hybrid aggression? His conclusion was that, today, it is once again imperative to reaffirm the transatlantic bond and the values that underpin it as a basis for articulating a clear vision and strategy for the future.