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Recent Peer Reviewed Articles by ISET Affiliates

Altier, M. B., Boyle, E.L., Shortland, N., Horgan, J. "Why They Leave: An Analysis of Terrorist Disengagement Events from 87 Autobiographical Accounts." Security Studies 26, no.2 (2017): 305-332.

Bowen, A. "Coercive Diplomacy and the Donbas: Explaining Russian Strategy in Eastern Ukraine." Journal of Strategic Studies (2017)

Jacobson, A. "Could the United States Reinstitute An Official Torture Policy?" Journal of Strategic Security 10, no. 2 (2017): 97-118.

Schnaufer, T. II. "Redefining Hybrid Warfare: Russia's Non-linear War Against the West." Journal of Strategic Security 10, no. 1 (2017): 17-31.

Special Issue of Journal of Strategic Security on Emerging Threats vol. 9 no. 3 (2016); Guest Editor, Mary Beth Altier

Horgan, J., Altier, M. B., Shortland, N. & Taylor, M. "Walking Away: The Disengagement and De-radicalization of a Violent Right Wing Extremist." Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism & Political Aggression 9, no. 2 (2016): 63-77.

Altier, M., Thoroughgood, C., and Horgan, J. "Turning Away from Terrorism: Lessons from Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology." Journal of Peace Research 51, no. 5 (2014): 647-661

Horgan, J. and Altier, M. "The Future of Terrorist De-Radicalization Programs," Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 13, no. 2 (2012): 83-89

Recent Books by ISET Affiliates

Clarke, Colin P. Terrorism, Inc.: The Financing of Terrorism, Insurgency and Irregular Warfare (Praeger, 2015)

Oppenheimer, Michael F. Pivotal Countries, Alternate Futures: Using Scenarios to Manage American Strategy (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Ankersen, C. The Politics of Civil-Military Cooperation: Canada in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

Recent Book Chapters by ISET Affiliates

Sidhu, W.P.S., "Non-Proliferation and Disarmament", in J. K. Cogan, I. Hurd and I. Johnstone, eds., The Oxford Handbook of International Organizations, (Oxford University Press, 2016).

Sidhu, W.P.S., "Weapons of Mass Destruction: Managing Proliferation" in S. von Einsiedel, D. M. Malone, and B. S. Ugarte, eds., The UN Security Council in the 21st Century. (Lynne Rienner, 2015).

Sidhu, W.P.S., "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in T. G. Weiss and R. Wilkinson, eds., International Organization and Global Governance, (Routledge, 2014).