Faculty Spotlight

Sam Sultan

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Management and Information Technology
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Critical to the success of our award-winning curriculum is a faculty of academic scholars and industry leaders. They bring to their classrooms guest lecturers, case studies, research, and professional expertise. As you come to know your professors through classes, workshops, and industry events, you learn, first-hand, about their dedication to academic discovery, their eagerness to share their research, and their commitment to mentor you while you conduct your own intellectual inquiries.

Faculty members are chosen for their strong academic and professional credentials, their commitment to teaching excellence, and their status as exemplary role models in the business world. They have occupied positions in senior-level management and have consulted for companies such as Pfizer Inc.; JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Pershing LLC; BayernLB; Citigroup Inc.; Home Box Office, Inc.; Goldman Sachs; UBS; McKinsey & Company; Merck & Co., Inc.; Prudential Financial, Inc.; Morgan Stanley; Bank of America Corporation; American Express Company; SAP Business Solutions; and CIGNA Property and Casualty.

The trends, technological advances, and relevant topical headlines of the day are material for analysis and discussion in class. And interaction with the faculty does not end in the classroom. As innovators with an active role in the professional community, they share their expertise through advisement, mentoring, conferences, and networking. Our New York City location enables faculty members to regularly present a distinguished roster of guest speakers from a broad range of business and professional areas.

You, the student, are always our faculty member’s top priority. Whether you take classes online or on-site, you will find that they are responsive and accessible.