Sandra Lloyd

Sandra Lloyd

Senior Information Architect, Tribal DDB Worldwide
Certificate in Web Development
Certificate in Digital Graphic Design Production
Certificate in Marketing

"I went from never really liking a job I've held to loving every day of work," explained Sandra Lloyd. "I also have a significantly higher salary and great connections, all thanks to the NYU School of Professional Studies."

After being laid off from her private wealth management position at a large bank, Lloyd took the opportunity to carefully reflect on what she really wanted to do, and realized that while she loved surfing the Web, she often formed strong opinions about site experiences. This led her to conclude that she wanted "to help people solve problems with well-designed websites."

With the support of a U.S. Department of Labor National Emergency Grant (NEG) for which she qualified for retraining, Lloyd completed three professional certificate programs at the NYU School of Professional Studies—the Certificate in Web Development, the Certificate in Digital and Graphic Design Production, and the Certificate in Marketing.

Lloyd noted, "having faculty members who also are practitioners in the field is a huge advantage for the NYU School of Professional Studies over other schools. Practitioners are current with innovations in their industry, update their curricula to reflect the latest technology, and can provide valuable resources. They also want to share their passion for what they do." She adds that the structure of her classes "allowed groups with varied needs to get individual help and to derive the most from classes."

"The NYU School of Professional Studies allowed me to discover my passion—user experience design," observed Lloyd, who now works as a senior information architect at Tribal DDB Worldwide. "My NYU School of Professional Studies experience has contributed greatly to my career success."