Lisa Jaycox

Lisa Jaycox

M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Alumna, Class of 2007

Success in the competitive world of public relations, according to Lisa Jaycox, requires stretching the boundaries of the conventional PR role. Traditionally, she explains, public relations and advertising worked as a one-way channel, where material was put out in the hope that it found its mark. However, as the use of social media and other industry-shaping tools eclipses customary advertising channels in effectiveness, an understanding of interactive communication has become a must. Jaycox claims, “You have to engage, listen, monitor, and then promote your product.”

Looking to master these modern PR techniques, and to advance her career in the process, Jaycox enrolled in the M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program at the NYU School of Professional Studies. Attracted, she says, by “NYU’s reputation for excellence,” Jaycox soon found that the program far surpassed all of her expectations.

For Jaycox, both the faculty members and the diverse student body played a pivotal role in making the NYU School of Professional Studies master’s program rise above its competitors. As experienced leaders in their respective fields, instructors use situations that they have faced in their professional careers to create lessons with viable business applications. During class discussions, students from a broad array of professional backgrounds provided a variety of perspectives that were steeped in real-world experience. This synergy of different ideas created a dynamic classroom experience that allowed students to acquire the tools necessary to translate theoretical material into practical solutions.

Jaycox credits the M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication with being the impetus for much of the professional success she has enjoyed. Since graduating in 2007, she has advanced from marketing coordinator to external communications manager for The McGraw-Hill Companies Information & Media Division. She most recently was named, one of “the Top 15 PR Professionals to Watch” by PRNews. In 2009, Jaycox returned to the NYU School of Professional Studies as a guest lecturer and a thesis advisor for M.S. candidates in her former program. She warns incoming students, “Be ready for change—it’s the nature of the current environment, and it’s all tethered to technology.”