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NYU School of Professional Studies Paul McGhee Division faculty members are known for their teaching excellence. They work across disciplinary boundaries as colleagues who are focused on the intellectual development of their students. Embedded within a world-class research university, McGhee attracts a large, dedicated, full-time faculty of scholars and accomplished professionals in addition to an adjunct faculty of leading practitioners who also serve as devoted instructors and mentors.

Faculty members contribute to their fields through research, publication of their work, teaching, and engagement with scholarly and professional associations. Ninety percent of full-time McGhee faculty members hold a Ph.D. or the highest academic degree attainable in their field.

Whether teaching on campus or online—faculty members share their scholarship and their real-world experience with students whom they respect for their own accumulated life and professional experience. Upper-level courses are most commonly taught as seminars, allowing for an energizing exchange of ideas and points of view that encourages active learning.

In addition to support from the staff of McGhee academic advisors, undergraduates benefit from one-on-one faculty advisement. A full-time faculty member in your program of study will help to guide you in your chosen major or concentration, and toward achieving your educational and professional goals. Drawing upon their own deep experience, faculty advisors provide discipline-specific advice to broaden your intellectual horizons and to help you meet your goals prior to graduation and beyond.