Lauren Busener

Lauren Busener

B.S. in Leadership and Management Studies with a Concentration in Marketing Management
Alumna, Class of 2009

New York Crunch Fitness' director of programming and partnerships Lauren Busener learned about the NYU School of Professional Studies Paul McGhee Division and its programs of study shortly after relocating from her native Cincinnati to New York in 2002. She enrolled in 2004, and graduated with a B.S. in Leadership and Management Studies in 2009.

Pursuing her degree, Lauren was something she wanted to do for herself. It was not about advancing in her already-established career or getting a pay raise. "I did it because now, when I'm out in a social setting or at a business meeting, I feel more confident communicating my thoughts. Since I earned my degree, I have more to talk about. I am better educated and more well informed."

Lauren attended a couple of colleges right after high school. She found these experiences disappointing and not conducive to working a full-time job. At McGhee, she enjoyed the small class sizes, her conversations with professors, and the shared sense of camaraderie with her classmates—who were also working professionals. The focus on real-world learning suited her educational needs. Additionally, McGhee's Prior-Learning Assessment (PLA) program allowed her to complete 20 credits of her degree through test examination and through the portfolio process, saving her thousands of dollars in tuition and months of classroom time.

Lauren contends that pursuing her professional career and then going to school worked better for her, and it did not hinder her opportunities. "If anything, what I've learned in the real world only helped me to succeed in an academic setting."