M.S. in Tourism Management
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M.S. in Tourism Management

M.S. in Tourism Management

M.S. in Tourism Management

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According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the travel and tourism industry pays $186 billion in travel-related wages and salaries and employs 1.7 million hotel property workers. Additionally, tourism directly supports more than 7.4 million travel and tourism jobs. It is one of the largest industries in the world, and as borders disappear and business grows ever more global, demand for tourism and travel professionals will continue to grow as well.

The M.S. in Tourism Management provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the global tourism industry. The curriculum explores issues such as sustainability; policy; and development for students interested in the governmental, private, and nonprofit tourism sectors. Utilizing the advantages of its location in New York City—the world’s premier destination for international travel and business—the program integrates real-world application and academic theory to prepare you to excel in this multibillion-dollar industry.

You will learn about the use and the development of natural and cultural resources in tourism projects, the methods employed to reinvent a destination, and the opportunities to engage a destination’s local population. The program challenges you to discover new ways in which technology can support a destination, how to attract and retain markets, and how to procure funding for development projects. The international scope of the program provides a framework for you to understand the interrelationship between business and politics, and how lawmakers develop policies that govern the flow of people and businesses within and between countries. Faculty members are respected experts in areas such as cultural heritage, customer management, and government policies that foster and sustain tourism and promote broader social and economic development objectives.

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