Graduate Admissions FAQs-Online Study

Yes. The MS in Human Resource Management and Development and the MS in Project Management program can be completed entirely online, on-site, or through a combination of the two formats. The MS in Management and Systems program can also be completed online with the exception of the master's concentration in Database Technologies. The MS in Translation and the MS in Professional Writing programs can be completed exclusively online. Please visit Online Learning for a full list of offerings.

Online course meeting times are generally between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST. Most courses require students to log in to class with their classmates for a live interactive lecture each week. Asynchronous learning activities, such as team projects and group discussions, take place throughout the semester as well.

Like on-site courses, online courses are led by faculty and taken by students during an established academic term. However, the primary means of communication is through an online learning platform, that provides many ways of sharing information, asking questions, and collaborating on projects through digital means. Most courses include opportunities to meet online in real time with your class for live video discussions through your computer. Online courses are just as demanding as on-site courses. The reading materials, projects, assignments, and discourse are equivalent to on-site courses.