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Global Learning/Study Away

An NYUSPS education prepares you for the challenges and the opportunities of a globalized world, and studying abroad facilitates the valuable exchange of knowledge across international boundaries, develops important intercultural skills, and deepens your understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. As a student enrolled in a Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies bachelors degree program, you will have extensive opportunities to study away through the divisions own unique travel programs or the University‚Äôs international academic centers, as well as its portal campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

Divisional Study Away Opportunities

The Division makes it possible for working (or otherwise obligated) students who have limited time, but boundless curiosity, to study away. Faculty-led, intensive, one- to two-week long programs offer condensed formats that allow you to study abroad during vacation time from work. Through these international seminars and study tours, your understanding of world history, cultural achievements, and international business will be enriched through hands-on activities, visiting and participating in lectures at historic sites or exploring the intersection of environmental issues and development by traveling to wildlife habitats in East Africa.

Recent travel/study abroad opportunities have included:

NYU Study Away Opportunities

Qualified, full-time Division of Applied Undergraduate students who can commit to a full semester of study abroad are eligible to study with other NYU undergraduates at the NYU portal campuses in Abu Dhabi or Shanghai or at one of the NYU international academic centers, including:

You will consult closely with the NYU Office of Global Programs, and Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies faculty members and advisors, to plan a global study experience that best matches your personal interests and academic program requirements. Because learning occurs on an NYU campus or center, credit and financial aid transfer seamlessly.