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McGhee Admissions FAQs-Program Details

The fall term typically begins in early September, the spring term in mid-January, and the summer term in mid-May. The official academic calendar is available through the NYU Office of the Registrar.

McGhee students may pursue full-time or part-time study. International students on F-1 visas are required to study full-time.

Yes. Contact the McGhee Advising Office at for more information.

One of the eleven New York University undergraduate programs, the Paul McGhee Division is designed for adult and transfer students who are beginning or returning to college to complete an undergraduate degree. McGhee students come from many different professional and educational backgrounds. Our programs have been tailored to specifically meet the needs of adult students by combining flexible course schedules with an engaging curriculum, personalized academic and professional support, and access to faculty mentors. McGhee faculty members are committed to creating a learning environment that respects and builds upon the life experience of adult students, who are highly motivated, intellectually curious, and eager to fulfill their educational and professional goals.

For more details, please visit The McGhee Advantage.

The majority of McGhee's on-site courses are offered in the evenings. The Division also offers daytime courses, some Saturday courses, and a number of intensive courses during the summer and winter sessions. This variety of options allows students to fit their studies into their busy personal and professional schedules.

For more information about McGhee class locations, please see Visit Us.

The majority of McGhee classes are held around the Washington Square campus. Additionally, you may have classes located at the the NYU School of Professional Studies building at 7 East 12th Street, the Woolworth Building, or the NYU Midtown Center at 11 West 42nd Street. Their student lounge and computer labs in the NYU School of Professional Studies building at 7 East 12th Street are fully accessible to McGhee students.

For more information about these locations, please see Visit Us.

The McGhee faculty is comprised of both a large dedicated full-time faculty of scholars and accomplished professionals along with an adjunct faculty of leading practitioners who are also devoted teachers. They are outstanding and devoted teachers who make their areas of specialization come alive in traditional classroom setting and online. Chosen for their teaching ability and their expertise, McGhee faculty members enjoy stimulating the give-and-take dialogue that occurs between adult students on a variety of topics related to what is being taught in class and what is going on in their personal and professional lives.