In an Op-Ed Published by The Hill, CGA Academic Director Carolyn Kissane Cites Reasons for Trump to Shift Gears on US Energy and Environment Policies

Academic Director Carolyn Kissane

Carolyn Kissane, academic director and clinical associate professor at the NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs, recently had her views published in an op-ed on The Hill titled, “Odd man out — Mr. Trump, embrace new energy and climate realities.” In the piece, Kissane outlines Trump’s stance on energy—including his support of coal—and the environment, which does not align with those of the rest of the developed world. She states, “Trump’s energy and environmental policies show a president living in a time warp where present-day realities are ignored—but at what cost for the country and our future?”

Kissane points out that the president's coal promises have an issue finding financing given that the big banks including Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan have already pledged not to finance new coal projects, and she argues why Trump should make a dramatic shift in his support of coal and move towards natural gas. Kissane reasons, “When it comes to natural gas and coal going head to head in the competition for power sector dominance, there is no contest; natural gas comes out ahead on all fronts. It's cheaper, cleaner and like coal, domestically produced.”

She concludes, “Trump may choose to stay at the back of the pack among global leaders but our governors, mayors, corporations and universities won’t be held back by a president who can’t see the writing on the wall: coal is out, gas is in, and renewables are here to stay.”

To read the full op-ed piece, visit The Hill’s website here.