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Whether your goal is to move ahead in your career, change your professional direction, or deepen your appreciation of the humanities, arts, and writing, you’ll find a rich array of non-degree programs from which to choose. Explore subjects that stir your imagination while building your professional skills in areas from Art Business and Art Appraisal to Journalism, Editing, and Print and Digital Publishing. Enjoy the intellectual stimulation of a vibrant learning community.

Our Diploma Programs provide the knowledge base and skill sets for careers in growing industries. These job-training based courses of study, most of which can be completed in one or two semesters, are taught by leading experts in their fields and offer a comprehensive career development component.

Humanities, arts, publishing, and writing and communications Career Advancement Courses afford specialized proficiency in a variety of areas. They are taught by leading experts in the field, who provide in-depth information and assist you in building valuable and current skill sets in disciplines that require attention to detail and the ability to think critically and communicate effectively. Programs of study allow you to build your knowledge in foundational areas and then add to what you have learned through a broad array of supplemental course options.

Career Advancement Courses

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