The MS in Publishing: Digital and Print Media is a 42-credit program founded on a core curriculum that provides a broad overview of traditional and digital publishing, and also includes specialization courses, advanced seminars, and a capstone thesis project. Advanced seminar courses are geared to equip students with professionally relevant information on key publishing topics. The culminating capstone project requires comprehensive research on a key subject in publishing and the creation of a viable business plan that demonstrates the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program of study. An optional for-credit internship experience helps you gain hands-on industry experience and develop valuable professional contacts.

The program is structured to meet the needs of both working professionals and full-time students, allowing opportunities for either full-time or part-time evening study in any semester. Typically, students complete the degree within two years of full-time study or within three to four years of part-time study.

Students are required to take at least three credits in each specialization and twelve total specialization credits.

Course Title Credits
PUBB1-GC3310 Editing Creative Content 3.0
PUBB1-GC3320 Book Acquisition & Editing 3.0
PUBB1-GC3360 Web Architecture & Content Creation 3.0
PUBB1-GC3370 Desktop Publishing 3.0
PUBB1-GC3375 Advanced Desktop Publishing 3.0
PUBB1-GC3380 Children's Book Publishing: An Intensive 3.0
  Advanced Seminars In
  Advanced Book Editing; Advanced Magazine Editing; Book to Screen and Beyond; Children’s Book Editing; Editorial Fundamentals; Graphic Novels/Manga; Magazine Managing Editorial & Production; Mobile Media Platforms & Practices; Niche Markets: Mystery, Science Fiction, & Horror; Niche Markets: Romance; Non-Trade Book Publishing; Principles of Art & Design; The Role of the Literary Agent; The Role of Video in Publishing; Workshop in Academic and Independent Presses; Workshop in Video Editing; and Writing and Editing for Digital Platforms  
Course Title Credits
PUBB1-GC3110 Book Distribution, Merchandising, & Sales 3.0
PUBB1-GC3140 Media Consumer Marketing and Audience Development 3.0
PUBB1-GC3160 Media Revenue Streams: Advertising and Consumer Marketing 3.0
  Advanced Seminars In
  Advanced Social Media Marketing Practices; Book Marketing & Branding; Book Metadata & Infrastructure; Content Marketing; Exploring User Interface Design; Magazine Marketing & Branding; Public Relations & Corporate Communications; Research Methods in Media; and Web Analytics  
Course Title Credits
PUBB1-GC2010 Digital Financials: The Web, Mobile and Video 3.0
PUBB1-GC3200 Magazine Brand Financials 3.0
PUBB1-GC3210 Book Publishing Financials 3.0
PUBB1-GC3220 From Idea to Empire: New Business Development 3.0
PUBB1-GC3230 The Global Marketplace: Challenges & Opportunties 3.0
  Advanced Seminars In
  Contract Negotiation; Digital Management Strategies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google; Digital Platforms: Ebooks, Audio, and Podcasts; and Website Production: Managing a Digital Brand  

Students select 10.5 credits from the media specialization courses in consultation with their adviser.

Students are required to take the Capstone course in their final semester. Adviser approval is required.

Course Title Credits
PUBB1-GC1900 Capstone 3.0