International Students

Financial aid is very limited for international students, but resources do exist. Many international students find more funding opportunities in their home countries. However, if that is not available, you may wish to consider:

  • University scholarships
  • Internet-based scholarship searches
  • Private loans
  • NYU payment plans

Scholarships for International Students

Departmental Scholarships

Some NYU School of Professional Studies graduate programs offer departmental scholarships based upon financial need and/or academic merit. The majority of departmental awards are open to continuing students after a set number of credits are completed and academic merit in the program is established. Requirements and award amounts vary.

Learn about the International Student Scholarship for the MS in Global Affairs.

Online Scholarship Sources

Many independent organizations dedicate their efforts to finding and compiling scholarships for international students who seek to study in the United States. Explore the links to the right for further information.

Download the Country Specific Scholarships list to see where some of our students have secured scholarships.

Loans Available to International Students

The NYU Office of Financial Aid lists private lenders that provide education loans specifically to international students—though not all international students will be eligible for every international loan program listed. You may also find favorable loan terms by applying instead for a US domestic private loan with a creditworthy US co-signer.

Budget Planners

Budget calculators, like the two we have provided links to below, can help you to understand how to keep track of your expenses and to budget wisely, while in school and after graduation.

These tools allow you to personalize a budget to reflect expenses relevant to your life situation.

Savings and Loan Calculators

Below we have provided links to financial calculators that will help you to calculate how much school will cost, how much you will need to save, and how much aid you will need to complete your study.

Please note the information presented by such services is not verified or endorsed by New York University.