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Conference on Sustainable Real Estate

5th Annual Conference on Sustainable Real Estate: From Sustainability to Resilience

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Date: February 23, 2017

Location: NYU Kimmel Center for University Life
New York, NY

The NYU School of Professional Studies Schack Institute of Real Estate is pleased to present its 5th Annual Conference on Sustainable Real Estate.

This Conference is designed to stimulate the industry to expand upon its successes, strengthen the outcomes of emerging practices in operations and investment, and to develop a coordinated roadmap to address the acknowledged call for the integration of practices in sustainability and resilience.

The real estate industry's 15-year adoption of sustainability practices is illustrated by the certification of over 1.9 billion square feet of ENERGY STAR® and 850 million square feet of LEED® and Green Globes® buildings. In the past nine years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of resilience in the built environment. This period has been punctuated by climate events, including hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, and firestorms of unprecedented scale. In response, we have seen new levels of government assistance and insurance industry payouts.

Panelists exploring these topics are recognized for their expertise in REITs, property management, institutional investment, infrastructure, and construction.

Conference Chair

Stuart Brodsky
Director and Clinical Assistant Professor
Center for the Sustainable Built Environment
NYU School of Professional Studies Schack Institute of Real Estate

Sponsorship Opportunities

For inquiries about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sonal Pande at or call 212-998-6961.