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The Paul McGhee Division


The NYU Paul McGhee Division was created for adult students returning to school to begin or complete an undergraduate degree program. McGhee offers all the unique advantages and resources of an NYU education, convenience and flexibility, including online study options, to fit your busy schedule.

McGhee faculty are committed to creating a learning community that respects and builds on the life experience that adult students bring to the classroom. The curriculum is taught in a style that supports academic and personal achievement. Classes are small (most are under 25 students) and all coursework is graded by the faculty member who teaches the class.

While at McGhee, our students find their lives transformed in many ways—more ambitious goals, new intellectual interests, and the ability to present themselves more confidently in their careers and lives.

Whether you’ve been away from the classroom for a few years or a few decades, whether you’ve never taken a college course or need only a year or two to graduate, we give you all the help and encouragement you need to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.